Eldar Kokoev: “During last year we managed to do a lot”

Официально - 2011/02/01 - 11:51

Prosecutor General’s office of the RSO – is one of the most important institutions of the law enforcement system of our country, guaranteeing the rights and liberties of the South Ossetian citizens. Nowadays in Prosecutor General’s office are working following departments: personal-legal securing, follow-up action and interaction with the public; expert-criminalistical department, the department on securing the participation of the public prosecutor office in criminal, civil and arbitral legal procedure; the department on enforcement of laws and instruments, also the investigation administration and the administration on internationally legal collaboration.

The servicemen of Prosecutor General’s office of the RSO are award-winning, among which are orders “Uatsamonga”, “The Defender of Motherland”, they are also rewarded for the exemplary discharge of duty with the Letters of commendations, high ranks, such as “Distinguished lawyer of the RSO”, “Distinguished servicemen of the law enforcement of the RSO” and etc.

On the 12th of January the servicemen of the public prosecutor office observed their professional holiday. The main events were postponed on the 17th of January.

According to the Deputy Attorney-General Eldar Kokoev, everybody wanted that the ceremonial events on the professional holiday occasion would be held in the new building which was built for the public prosecutor office of the PSO after August events of 2008.

“It’s a pity, but some organizational issues were not carried out and the removal to another building will be later. The ceremonial events will be held in the other building”- stated Eldar Kokoev.

Summing up the year, the Deputy Attorney-General Eldar Kokoev said: “During the last year, Prosecutor General’s office of the RSO completed the investigations on number of criminal cases, related with the grand embezzlement of the state finances. This generally concerns the funds, came into the Republic in the framework of restoration and construction. Just the check up of the Unitary Enterprise “The Direction for priority national projects implementation” showed, that from the republic were stolen tens of millions rubles. At the present moment most of the commenced criminal suits are in the stage of investigation, but some of them have been already completed”.

Eldar Kokoev also noted that during the last year, the Prosecutor General’s office was able to send a lot of servicemen for professional development to different cities of the Russian Federation.

“We especially marked out the department of criminalistics. During the last two months one of the employees was at polygraph trainings (lie detector) in Moscow. At present in Chelyabinsk city our servicemen take dactyloscopy courses. On their arrival we plan to create the general computer base. We also intend to send to the Investigation committee of the Prosecutor General’s office of RF a group of our investigators”, - stressed Kokoev.

Eldar Kokoev noted that unfortunately at this moment Prosecutor General’s office of the RSO endure of personnel shortage.

All the efforts of our Republic are directed to the struggle against drugs. The government of RSO adopted a law «on criminal liability for illegal use of drugs, psychotropic substances and its analogues». We in turn ordered special testers due to which we can diagnose presents of drugs in organism. By this I would like to know that by launching of this system we have not to send our analyses to State hospital or North Ossetia», – stated Kokoev.
«These students which graduate our university are not fit with professional skill. Though overwhelming number of our staffs is young, and it means that we try to work with our seniors. We will have to attach trainee to our more experienced workers and raise their professional qualities», - said Kokoev.

Elder Kokoev underlined, that we struggle against drugs.

In conclusion Eldar Kokoev said: «Our Republic is not big and those who have ties of relationship, are trying lobby their interests, to help their family and friends escape criminal penalty. In this respect Persecutor general’s office of our Republic secured, secure and will secure principle position».