Preliminary comments of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement matters Boris Chochiev, concerning of press-conference by Vladimir Sanakoev.

Официально - 2011/01/24 - 11:12

«I want say, that story of Vladimir Sanakoev, which he published in mass media, and on fool’s he thought that Ossetians will believe of his new stories, which he earlier betrayed. I’m sure, that if Saakashvili plan «clean field» was realized than Sanakoev and his gang were said quick different things», - said Chochiev.

How Plenipotentiary Representative noted, Vladimir Sanakoev will answer for betrayal and for other, committed by him during his activity in gang of Saakashvili regime.
«It is not serioustoday to hide himself under status of so called agent Roman. Gave an «interview» in this man office, which in due time visited Dmitry Sanakoev «administration» and «den» Saakashvili, and after actively lauded them, and throw mud to leaders of South Ossetia is not mere chance also», - underlined Chochiev
In conclusion Boris Chochiev said: «It does not understand for me silence of services, agencies and Public, political organizations of our country, relative to this that Vladimir Sanakoev and Karkusov brothers today are at large not anywhere, but on the territory of North Ossetia».