Kudzieva Irina Grigorievna, osetian language and literature teacher

Геноцид, Свидетельства очевидцев - 2010/07/30 - 11:42

-Are here men?
-No ! – told him I (Georgian I now, but did not speak)
-Have you red lipstick?
-No, but I can give you brown.
-Give me it.
-Why do you want it?
-It is not your case.- Said one of them.
I gave him lipstick and promptly step aside. Somebody one of them looked on me and said:
- I know you. You graduated school #6.
-No I was studies there only few years, but graduate school #12.
- I graduated school #6, and you swine expelled me during the first war! And now I will show you, how expelled and burned houses. Do you know, that we came from Nikozi? Now tanks will come. Do you see this bullet proof overcoat? This is NATO arms, it 8 kilograms. No any bullet took him, that is you can kill us if you shoot in head. Than, a phone ring interrupted him. < we have already took the town, blew up some tanks, searching some area…> . They have been during the evening. About 6 o`clock they were going to leave. This who recognized me asked:
-are we in center?
-If you are local, don’t you know, where are you?
- Are we in center? – repeated hi. – we mast get Tamarasheni. If nothing happen with us we will take you as a hostages, if not we will kill you right here! I lied him and told hi that they were not near the center. When they heard it, they went away and leave us. In some minutes , we heard a deafening explosion. We fell down. When fire calmed down, my neighbor went out. When she came back she brought an iron leaf, on which was wrote:< Cobra, in this house are 3 killed and wounded>. In the late evening, at last we came out, to find out were anyone alive. At Stalin street I saw soldier.
-are you Ossetian?-I asked him.
-Yes. Are you steel here?-he answered me.
-Here are only women ad children.
-Run! There are tanks in town. They are coming here. Please run away.
-Where must we run? To parliament?
-No. parliament is also burning.
I came back to house. I was confused. Not long thinking we decided to hid somewhere. The most safe was MIA building. We came there, nobody was there. Fortunately somebody from statement heard us. There were many policemen and unknown civilians. When I came down they ordered me turned off the phone. Pier , Georgians have American tanks, which defined of peoples location and shoot them. We could not stayed there any more. Gradually we moved to the nearest house and then to the Parliament chairman deputy`s-Tarzan Kokoity statement. Night we spent there. At 4:30 morning Bedoeva Eleanora the….. came to us and said that soon near the hotel began children, women and old men evacuation. Took my documents and ran across the park . ground was full of broken branches and burned trees. I saw how Tibilov Nikolay was braked by projectile. So I reached o the hotel < Alan>. There where lot of peoples waiting for evacuation. When they saw us they attacked Eleanora:
-Why do you take them here? Where is your cars?
There was no places in statement. Than neighbors persuaded me came down in 6th school statement. At night fire started. In the morning of 10 August ran one boy and said:
-Russian Army came.