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Not the first year graduating students from RSO are studying in Russian Federation universities . Annual students get practice in their Republic. As therapy cabinet head of declared – Raul Valiev, in polyclinic improvers – still last year extend.

«During the repair in our polyclinic, we provisionally took patients in Republican Municipal Hospital, this year students will take practice in overhauled building», - underlined Valiev.

According to Valiev, there are two optional cabinets – first engineered unit – to cure parodontal and second therapeutic.

«In Russian Federation it is for many years peoples use dental specialities with new generation units. Now we can provide our improvers all conditions for sterling practice», - said Valiev.

«I very much like practice. This year I at first came on practice in Tskhinval. It`s very suitable to treat patients. I`m going to work here, especially in this polyclinic» ,- said improver Dgikaeva Olga (student of stomatological faculty of Medical Academy. Stavropol).

How told us Christina Yanovskaya (student of stomatological faculty of Medical Academy. Tver), she be keen on orthopedic and restoration, think that here she will find work.

George Alborov head of polyclinic is going to open surgical cabinet.

«It allow doctor – surgeons make in local terms operations in specified complexity», - explained Alborov.

According to director of polyclinic, for Administraton of Medical Institution, that in polyclinic efficient are working authomatic water supply and steam heating.

«We assumed laser instrument», - told Alborov

He underlined, that in preventive dentistry and dental surgery this functional apparatus let made medical procedures, also bleaching and polishing darkened tooth enamel.

Hereafter in director`s plans is adapt implantation technology.

In conclusion George Alborov said, that he also glad of students- improvers, which working in polyclinic. He hopes, that more of them will return to work in Republic.

«At present staff augment of two authority, which after graduate the university in Russia came back in Tskhinval», - said Alborov.

«After graduating the college I return in Tskhinval. At the moment I have study courses in polyclinic. I hope working here», - told David Alborov.

Recall, that in Municipal Stomatological Polyclinic was repain - and- renewal operations for the 4 years.

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