Georgia’s position is categorical – KhokhGagloity

Новости, Официально - 2015/08/14 - 17:06

Geneva international discussions on security and stability in Southern Caucasus “remains the only ground for settlement of issues aroused by the conflict and this fact is accepted by all participants”- said UN Secretary General Ban Kee- moon to TASS correspondent on August 13. On his opinion it is necessary to “achieve visible progress” in the settlement of all issues emerged in the result of August 2008 conflict.

The Secretary General also expressed his concern apropos of the statements of “construction of border” along the dividing lines between the conflict parties.

The correspondent of International Information Agency “South Ossetia” asked the deputy plenipotentiary representative of RSO President on the questions of post-conflict settlement KhokhGagloity to comment this publication.

“First of all, to reflect the real situation it is more correct to use the term “representatives of parties”, but not the “participants” as all the delegations represents some parties. It is worth noting that South Ossetia itself is moving in the direction of settlement of relations between the Republic of South Ossetia and Georgia. Our position is clear, open and transparent. We are adherent to construction of interstate relations with Georgia on the bases of highest standards of international law, that are basic in relations between its subjects.

The other approaches to this issue where the cunning is covered by some advocated but not related to the fact dogmas are the attempts of distortion of the meaning and essence of the issues involved.

Obviously it will be pertinent to mention categorical statement of the permanent representative of Georgia at UN KakhaImnadze in which he said that “Georgia sees no need in establishing of direct dialog with Abkhazia and South Ossetia and prefers to negotiate with Russia”. Such a statement makes clear whose position is an obstacle for the “visible progress” which is necessary on the opinion of honorable UN Secretary General, said KhokhGagloity.

As regard to the phrase “construction of border”, used by the UN Secretary General – this formulation creates wrong perception. Of course there is no any “construction”. State border of the Republic of South Ossetia exists from the moment of proclamation of state sovereignty of the Republic of South Ossetia on 29 of May 1992. Along the state border line of the Republic of South Ossetia at its Southossetian-Georgian sector planned work is under way. In this case it seems to be appropriate to point that similar kind of work are fulfilling also at Southossetian-Russian sector of RSO state border”- said Gagloity.