Merab Chigoev: ‘ In internet was put next Georgian false report – the publisher of «24 saati» A. Mikhiladze which suddenly detected , that the citizens of v. Leningor or «Akhalgiri» stopped water and gas supply”.

Официально - 2010/06/28 - 15:00

"The author of scribble didn`t trouble himself to find out the true situation, complain on the calamitous situation, the citizens from inducted region of South Ossetia, accuse in all mortal sins so called «Russian occupiers».
What happened at real in Leningor region and round it, what is the initial cause of the v. Leningor citizens situation – «Akhalgori» and other populated points along the both sides of Georgian – Ossetian state border?
The citizens of v. Leningor and some other villages, apropos basically Georgians got natural gas from Georgia. After release Leningor region from Georgian occupation in August 2008, the gas delivery from Georgia was put an end.
In spite of our repeated appeals in Geneva Discussions frameworks, Georgian authorities do not allow gas supply in Leningor put forward unacceptable demands – oversight gas pipeline on South Ossetia territory, and also oversight the gas distribution over the subscribers ant etc.
There are not any technical courses for refusal to giving gas in Leningor, and also it can confirm the expert, from OSCE, which summon to make easier the life of common peoples, by Georgian authorities turn into instrument for political pressure on South Ossetia.
So in spite of description deformities from Georgian authorities, South Ossetia didn’t ever cut off irrigation and drinkable water in populated points in Kaspian and Dushetian regions of Georgia, thought from Tskhinval and Znaur regions of South Ossetia, water supply in Georgia in former volumes, in spite of rotten conditions or irrigational system.
By the chance I appeal to Georgian authorities with conscription to gave up political games and decide water and gas fully supply, which needed in primary living improvements – ensuring heating and drink for oneself and their families".