The next meeting have passed in IPRM frameworks

Встречи - 2011/03/23 - 09:50

Today took place the next trilateral meeting in Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms frameworks, in format of the Geneva Discussions. At the meeting took part representatives of South Ossetia, Russian Federation and Georgia. Were discussed organization issues. On the agenda passed 12 issues. About it informed deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of RSO on post-conflict settlement matters Merab Chigoev.
As Chigoev said, meeting passed more than 4 hours, and first point of discussion was issue chairmanship in IPRM.
«Issue of chairmanship in IPRM meetings at present stay unsettle. We introduced some variants, but no one of them, Georgian side, EU, OSCE representatives didn’t agree. Next meetings will pass in the same format, as it is now», - reported Chigoev.
As Chigoev noted, on ambassador Chekuolis proposition, rotate IPRM meeting place between GORI (Georgia) and Tskhinval (South Ossetia), South Ossetian representatives strongly objected.
«We could take such step, if EU and OSCE legally justify will present on the territory of the RSO. Natural, after this, issue by them was removed from the agenda», - Chigoev said.
Georgian side also rose up issue of preliminary information exchanging about military trainings, which conducted on Georgia-Ossetian border nearby.
According to Chigoev, reach an opinion that if information will afford by all sides in time tat this point is fully admissible.
As Chigoev informed, on the agenda also discussed point of data exchange, exact what defense and law enforcements operate along Georgia-Ossetian border, their strength and missions. This point was negatively taken by South Ossetian side.
«Our border protected by Russian and South Osssetian frontiers, but in case of necessity we can post sentries of ministry of defense and ministry of Home Affairs of the RSO – it is our domestic cases, and this information we are not going to share», - noted Chigoev.
On the agenda Georgian side raised the issue of organization regular bus service between Karzman (Souyh Ossetia) and Sachkhere (Georgia).
«Issue of bus service, between Karzman and Sachkhere – is political. Between these villages pass state frontier of South Ossetia. Demand of unhampered bus service, Georgian officials trying bringing border as convention. We sharply objected to this point», - underlined Chigoev.
According to Chigoev, Georgian side also raised up issue about possibility of transmission Georgian citizen, sank during August events in 2008, later buried on the territory of the RSO.
«In consideration of it, that this unluckily didn’t take part in hostilities, but became a victim, we without any conditions accepted to transmission her body. In turn, by us was declared, that this issue was raised up half a year ago, and heretofore wasn’t resolved only of Georgia and ICRC representatives fault, because all this time they couldn’t solved organization issues», - improved Chigoev.
During the meeting, also discussed issues of gas supply in Leningori region of South Ossetia, mutual transmission arrested citizens, issue of citizens security in frontier zone and etc.
Noted, that meetings in such format, passed regularly.
Next meeting in this format plan on 7 April of current year.