According to fact of illegal crossing of the frontier of RSO carry on an investigation measures

Официально - 2011/03/23 - 09:43

Georgian side put under apprehension fact of detention Georgian citizens on 8 March, just on territory of RSO, in connection of this was introduced examination on the ground.
As deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of RSO on post-conflict settlement matters Merab Chigoev informed, such offer was made on 11 March on passed meeting in IPRM frameworks.
«Was noted, that if will be agreement for special structures of South Ossetia and Russian frontiers, than representatives of EU can inspection on place, therewith, that make sure, Georgian citizens in really broke the regime of frontier crossing of RSO», - informed Chigoev.
Chigoev adjusted, that such issues of reciprocal ability to attendance territory of RSO are exceptionally in capacity of South Ossetian side.
Note, that proposition under consideration of IPRM was given by Russian side.
Remind that on 8 March of current year by Russian frontiers for illegal crossing of the frontier of South Ossetia with Georgia were detained 9 citizens of Georgia. As attach informed, that they were going on burial in community Akhmadge (Leningory region) of RSO.
As news agency «Рес» addressed on KGB of the RSO press service in this days 8 of a 9 breakers were took them representatives of KGB border department of the RSO, and the ninth on account of exacerbation of diabetes mellitus was taken to Leningory hospital, where him was gave first medical aid.