Georgia interfere Georgian people return in Leningori region of South Ossetia

Женевские дискуссии, Официально - 2011/03/14 - 11:25

About it today at the meting with co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions on security in Transcaucasia, declared head of South Ossetian delegation, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement matters Boris Chochiev.

According to Plenipotentiary Representative, Georgia in addition, that didn’t react at all on South Ossetian proposition to return in Leningori all people, which by forced left their homes, and also make difficulties for border crossing.
«In consideration of composed realities, we by recommendation by President Eduard Kokoity stated list of populated areas, for people which will act simplified conditions for border crossing. These are 56 populated areas in Leningori region, 3 – in Dzhava region and 1 – in Tskhinval region of South Ossetia», - said Chochiev.
According to Plenipotentiary Representative words, instead of welcome initiative of RSO, Georgian side at the border posted up notices.
«According to these notices, people living on «occupy territory» must in 10 days earlier produce statements with attachment to it the whole list of documents. That is Georgian officials, complicate of border crossing conditions», - concluded Chochiev.