In South Ossetia arrived co-chairs delegation of the Geneva International Discussions

Женевские дискуссии, Официально - 2011/03/14 - 11:18

Today in capital of Republic of South Ossetia arrived co-chairs delegation of the Geneva Discussions
From South Ossetian side on the meeting took part Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of RSO on post-conflict settlement matters Boris Chochiev, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative Merab Choigoev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of RSO Murat Dzhioev and Commissioner under President of RSO on human rights David Sanakoev.
The delegation included EU special envoy ambassador Pierre Morel, co-chair from UN Anti Turunen, representative from OSCE secretariat Rasa Ostraukaite, EU officer Baiba Alexeyuka and also UN Suprime Commissar on refuges matters Christophe Biervirs.
At the beginning of the meeting Plenipotentiary Representative noted, those in South Ossetia are still concerned for lack of information about citizens of RSO kidnapped in 2008 by Georgian security structures and Georgian officials notified them as missing persons.
As Plenipotentiary Representative said, at present, Georgian side didn’t effect any acts for searching missing citizens of RSO.
He also underlined that on the discussion the main issue for South Ossetian delegation as before stayed document capacity on non-using force by Georgia against South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
«Today from you we expect concrete proposals regarding our forthcoming meeting in Geneva. Issues of non-using force was and staying the main for us. But unfortunately, for the present there is not any progress in this case», - said Chochiev.
As Boris Chochiev noted, after so-called guaranties from the President of Georgia, contradict oneself, Saakashvili gave a talk on the Georgian TV and clearly applied, that fir Georgia war hadn’t finished yet.
«All this give us reason to say, that Georgia is not adjust for peace settlement of our relations», - declared Chochiev.
Boris Chochiev also said, that South Ossetian delegation in Geneva once again raise up issue of gas supply in Leningory region of RSO.
«People of this region for the third winter live without gas, which till 2008 went as transit from Russia through Georgia. Such situation once again confirm, that Georgian officials by people of Leningori region made manipulation objects of their political ends», - underlined Chochiev.
At the end of the meeting Plenipotentiary Representative noted positive work in IPRM on the border of RSO.
«We never put under doubt advantage and necessity of this meeting», - said Plenipotentiary Representative.
In turn, EU special envoy Pierre Morel noted, that co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions consider this format effective.
«Geneva Discussions is the only one format where take part all sides concerned in Georgian-Ossetian and Georgian- Abkhazian relations settlement», - said Morel.
Noted, that the next 15th round of the Geneva Discussions will pass on 1 March in the current year.