Boris Chochiev called Saakashvili main terrorist of the XXI century

Официально - 2011/02/15 - 16:34

Comment of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement matters Boris Chochiev in connection with the statement of Georgia President Mikhail Saakashvili, which made this year 25 January, Tuesday in live of ПИК (First Caucasian Information) channel.

«On the matter in was already made comments of MFA of the RSO, but I as a head of South Ossetian delegation on the Geneva Discussions frameworks should underlined, that Saakashvili this statement supported our position and position Abkhazian delegation. Point this, that newly on the XVI round of the Geneva Discussions frameworks we in separate issue discussed Saakashvili statement made in European Parliament, relative this, that Georgia supposedly won’t use armed force against South Ossetia and Abkhazia. We declared that such deceitful statements by Saakashvili didn’t believe and will exact legally binding guaranties from him. In response of his political patrons as represented by USA, UN, OSCE and EU we heard, that this is unnecessary and we must trust his words», - said Chochiev.
According to Plenipotentiary Representative this issue discussion South Ossetian side promised continued on the next round.
«Saakashvili is the main terrorist of the XXI century. In his nowadays statement he told, that the war wasn’t finished yet and called up his people for consolidation, promising in such case win this war. To be honest know unbalanced habit of mentally ill Saakashvili I was sure, that till March he will cut something like it and in this way help us, what had happened», - underlined Chochiev.
As Boris Chochiev said, after Saakahvili such statements still the same representatives of USA, OSCE, UN and EU, for some reasons are keeping silence, but South Ossetia their issues will ask them a question at the regular meeting in Geneva.
«In his speech Saakashili said- «… in future I am going to Sukhumi». I didn’t suggest him planed such statement. At due time, his friend Okruashvili planed celebrated New Year in Tskhinval. Afterwards everybody remembered what has been done with him in one of the facilities in Tbilisi. And new year he met not in Tskhinvali how he had planed, but in Paris», - concluded Chochiev