Merab Chigoev: «We are ready to discuss all issues, which concerned us and our citizens»

Встречи - 2011/02/15 - 16:25

In 4 February in IPRM on state boundary between RSO and Georgia frameworks in v. Ergneti (Georgia) plan to pass regular meeting.
As usual participants of the meeting will be from RSO, RF and Georgia, and also representatives of EU mission in Georgia.

As deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement matters Merab Chigoev declared during the meeting South Ossetian side plan to discuss some issues.
«at the agenda will pass issues such like to find out fate of citizens of the RSO Khuranov A.M., which detained by Georgian side, hr also broke boarder line, issue of gas supply perspective in Leningori region of RSO, also of irrigation water supply from territory of South Ossetia to Georgia», - said Chigoev.
According to Chigoev, during the meeting will make state affairs overall review on adjacent territory, including incidents.
«Suggested in order of obligatory get information about missing citizens of our Republic. Besides that discuss possibility of exchanging persons committed different kinds of crimes on adjacent territory, that is Georgian citizens in RSO and South Ossetian citizens in Georgia», - underlined Chigoev.
As Chigoev said, South Ossetian side hasn’t known yet, what issues Georgian side will raise.
«We are ready to discuss all issues, which concerned us and our citizens».