Prisoners fates on the both sides can be settle

Официально - 2011/01/27 - 11:32

On the last meeting in IPRM frameworks in v. Ergneti (Georgia) sides (RSO, RF and Georgia), after long Discussions, reached the preliminary agreements about the possibility and conditions of exchanging the persons in adjacent countries. This stated the deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement matters Merab Chigoev.

«The matter is about the possibility of exchanging 8-9 persons, committed different kinds of crimes in adjacent territories, that is citizens of Georgia in RSO and vice versa», - said Chigoev.
As Chigoev stated, South Ossetian side were adduced compliant lists to Georgian representatives in IPRM frameworks and in present moment all details are adjusting.
«We are waiting for reaction on our submissions from Georgian side. More detailed information on present subject matter will be put later. Hope, that the solution of present matter, as it often happens, won’t delay».