In media center «IR» was passed the round table dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independent.

Встречи - 2010/12/07 - 11:38

Meting of public political figures of 1990, deputies of Parliament of RSO, of the first convocation passed today, in South Ossetian media center «IR». During the meeting also took part the representative of the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation Maurice Bonnot and director of Taliatian branch of the commercial Institute and right, chancellor of National scientifically Educational organization «Moscow – Taliatinal Institute of commerce» Alexander Ognev.

The subject of discussion were of 1990: the beginning of struggle for sovereignty of South Ossetia, creation of public – political organizations and their function in laborite movement.
Round table was opened by the head of media center Gagloeva Irina.
«National feeling – this is that, what moved our society in 1990, gave impulse for action and real rating of the situation. 90 years of XX centuries are the special historical period for South Ossetia. People of South Ossetia declared their independence, created their State and started its construction. But this period in history of ossetian people appeared one of the most tragic events. National laborite movement and declaring of their own State by peoples of South Ossetia were the reason for Georgia to began war against ossetians, against South Ossetia», - told Gagloeva.
All participants shared with their own impressions, especially on the meeting was marked «Adamon Nikhas (people congress)» `s worked in that years.
The Parliament vice – speaker of RSO in 1990 one of the leaders of public movement «Adamon Nikhas (people congress)» Mira Tskhovrebova told about reasons and history of creation and work public movements in 90th.
«Adamon Nikhas (people congress) appearance was the direct reaction against jingoistic policy of Georgian regime in 80 – 90th . And there will not another opinion», - noted Tsjhovrebova.
All participants also said about Russian peacemaking operation in Caucasus, also activity of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) and in negotiation presses.
Boris Chochiev Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the RSO, deputy of the Parliament of the first convocation, co – chairman of the JCC: «Today I want note, that there is not any International Organizations, which do not analyze all our decisions. So for years, none of these organizations cannot cavils at anything. And of course this concrete steps, which than reached is 98%, that we have independent state».
The Representative of the party «Motherland (Fidibasta)», the deputy of the Parliament of the RSO, the deputy of the Parliament of the first convocation Viacheslav Gobozov paid attention at this political - jurally aspects of interrelations between Russia and South Ossetia started from 1990th.
«Russia not only was entitled to, but also was liable interfere in processes, which were around the South Ossetia», - noted Gobozov.
«It can be stated responsibly, that all these years Russia assisted the state which was completely right in observing legal norms acting those years», - underlined Gobozov.
In turn, representative of the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation Maurice Bonnot noted, that recognition as a fact – is good. But peace and state security are more important than any recognition.
«Lot of countries in the world are living without recognition, but wealthy enough. Those are North Cyprus, some countries in Africa, without recognition they are living about 35 years», - noted Bonnot.
On the meeting were displayed lot of interesting offers and wishes to media – center «IR» worked as well, particularly, thematic directs. At the end of the year in framework of this subject will hold several meetings.