Gabueva Laura Nugzarovna, the official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Геноцид, Свидетельства очевидцев - 2010/07/30 - 11:30

On the next morning after, the night bombardment our neighbours son ran into and asked his parents to join the peace-keepers, as the enemy was already in the town. But we couldn`t join them. I rushed to my sister`s next street to us, to find out whether she was alive. Having made sure I ran back. Suddenly I saw my neighbour desperately looking out of the window.

I told her to got downstairs to the basement, as the Georgians were inside. She said: “We haven`t got a basement”. “Run to ours”- I said. She was a little delayed and then asked in a hopeless voice: “My husband is Georgian. Will you let us in?”. “Come to us with your husband”- I said and ran home. So we gathered in our basement, waiting for the Russian soldiers. It would be just a miracle! Then suddenly our neighbour`s boy ran in and told, that he had lost his mother, when they were running to peace-keepers. Then something horrable began. It was non-stop thunder above our heads: bombs, shells, bullets. It was a real end of the world. The near by houses were set on fire. We felt being carried away by that strong wave of firing . we heard there were a lot of killed and wounded people throughout the town. “Georgian troops are near peace-keepers”- said the neighbours coming back from them. They were doomed themselves and waited for death. There was little space in the basement, about 80 people in, though it was only not more than for 20.
Somebody said: “if they come in, they will kill all of us”. And the women began to hide the soldiers behind their bodies. We were asking each other: “what is happening? Where is the government? “The commanders?” The answer was: “ We saw only Anatoly Barankevich, who throw grenade cup dis-charger over his shoulder, jump over the fence of peace-keepers detachment. All the journalists were there. Nobody could eat, only drink water.