Tskhovrebova Mary Vladimirovna, borned in 1935, nurse in kindergarden № 14.

Геноцид, Свидетельства очевидцев - 2010/07/30 - 11:18

“Aunt Mary”, she was so called by the kids in the kindergarden. She bought a house in Koblov Str. 30 years ago. They grew up 2 children and at the same time were building their house, “putting their soul, health and energy into it”.
The family was greatly proud of their house. It`s a national feature of their of Ossetians to devote themselves to duilding their houses so did Mary`s family. Mary tells: “Our children are already grown- up, have their own families, my husband died long ago”.

In August, 7 we were together: my son, my daughter-in-law and me. It was late, when shooting started. There was no shelter to hide. Our house was built for a peaceful life, that`s why we didn`t have a deep firm basement.
At 2 o`clock at night there was a terrible strike just near us. The shell penetrated throught the roof, the wall and fell between the sofe and the bed, where we were sitting. My sonshouted in horror and cried to us to run out of the house and get into the 4 storeyrd building opposite ours, where a reliable basement was available. It took us ages to get there, because the bombing was horrable. The basement appeared full of frightened people. We heard another shell strike our house, but didn`t explose. Suddenly a guy rushed into the basement and shouted: “The house is burning “. I was sure it wasn`t mine. And 5 minutes later anoyher neighbour came in and said to me: “ Mary, your house is burning!”.
It was about 5 a.m. in the morning. My house was on fire! Black flakes were falling to the ground. I was looking at it and it seemed to me , I was losting my mind, my legs refused to support me… The most horriblething was that you were not able to do anything with the house to which you had bevoted your whole life. I felt despair taking away my last forses. Some timr later I realized I should be glad that none of my children had been injured. Thanks God, we stayedalive. I was afraid that cruing over my house I coused anger of lord. An enormous shell fallen in the centre of the room, but didn`t explose. Wasn`t it a miracle and a help from God!? That gave me some hope and force to stand my grief. My family is now scattered everywhere. My son and his wife live at wife`s parents, the elder grandson lives at a hostel in Vladikavkaz and I moved from one relative`s place to another`s. I often think whether I will be able to overcome my sorrow. Only those who faced the same problems can sympathy my problem. And they are many in Tskhinval…