Zasseeva Liana Shalvovna, borned in 1961. Geroev str. 83/16 collaborator of Border Service of RSO

Геноцид, Свидетельства очевидцев - 2010/07/30 - 11:10

Our house are on the South side of the town. On 7 of August everybody from our house gathered in safe place: old men, women and children – everybody was there. It was terrible bombing at the evening. After 9 o`clock strong shooting began, we again came down to basement. About 10:15, our neighbour looked out and said, that there are a close column of tanks with Georgian inscriptions, after them was infantry – most likely special forces, everybody were in black uniforms, we heard Georgian speech and couldn`t believed, that they entered in town.

When tanks got the center, neighbour again looked in from basement`s chink, he saw a lot of Georgians near the invalid`s building. There was one old man he came out and put up his hands. Georgians searched him and let him away. At 7 o`clock Georgians at last began retreated. In sky appeared air crafts, we understood that it was Russians. Georgians were drove away by Russians. They leave there guns, shells and other weapons. Our soldiers picked them up. When shooting stopped peoples began coming out. I heard that the nearest house was destroyed, there was living my brother-in-law. He was living on the 8th floor. I was afraid that he maybe was killed. I went to saw him, when I got there, suddenly began shooting. I have to hid in basement of this house, till 12 o`clock. Later came boys from KGB and said, that it will be bombarding and we must go wawy. We moved to the next basement, but it wasn`t deep enough. Someone had portable radio transmitter, we were listening all speeches. We heard, how Barankevich said, yhat a lot of tanks were moving to center, across the Shanghai. We didn`t believe, until we did`t hear their cars. Snipers began search places to hid in house. Behind the school # 12, hid tank. There were a few soldiers with us, they have only submachine guns. They wanted found the snipers, but women didn`t let them. The sniper was shooting by all, who dared to went out. For example the son of Tatiana Sitnik- Tadtaev George came in porch , sniper at once killed him. In this year he graduated Medical Institute in Stavropol, he was stomatologist. Came Pliev Dziba, he had RPG, it took him 2 hours, he wanted to blew up this tank. Ours killed one of snipers, his corpse was in front of school. At 9 o`clock we moved in our basement. It was shooting at this time. My mother didn`t know where I was. After 11 o`clock men came down and told us about air attack and we must hid in bomb shelter. At 12 o`clock with Zema Hubegova I ran there. There were corpses all around, houses were burning, trees broken. When we got to bomb shelter, which is hotel , saw that that the whole town was there. My neighbour Asiat Habalova, on her own shoulders brought her mother, which was 94 years- old. She told me, that my mother was looking for me. In the morning I came out from bunker and saw detachment from Chechnia. They told me that they were going to clean the town, because tanks must come in. I decided went with them. My neighbour – Zema Bekoeva was also with me. We got to Isak street, in front of the kindergarten was burnt tank, near were killed 5 Georgian corpses. On the corner of Geroev and Chkalova street also was killed another Georgian. Zema was with me, somebody told her, that her brother-in-law Chibirov was killed. He was only 17 years old. When we got there, my relatives told me story, when they (Georgians) came in basement, they said: “we didn`t kill Ossetians, we came here to kill Russian soldiers, if they are here, we will kill them”. Also they offered us sent people in Tbilisi, but nobody agreed. I went to saw my flat, from balcony I saw a terrible picture; Shanghai was destroyed by bombs, I heard, that Kabulov was buried in garden. It was 10 August. Russians came. We were very glad. On 4 o`clock on the evening came our boys, they said, that maybe will air attack and we must evacuate. We must ran to . We ran there, took only documents, we knew, that it will be column, to take people out. Near the hotel were tracks. When we started to sit in cars, fire began and we scattered. When shooting stopped, we quickly sit and departed along the Kvernet road, because it was impossible across the Tbet. On Geroev street was killed Pliev Tamaz. He was working in police, he was sitting in shelter. There were those, who was speaking Ossetian, between Georgian detachment, they cried : ‘where are you?!”. He thought, that it were Ossetians and came out from shelter, they shot him. There were gunners from Georgians.