Gabaev Hariton Ilyich, Born in 1936, village Satikar.

Геноцид, Свидетельства очевидцев - 2010/07/30 - 11:03

I was going home. My house is in front of the village Council. I didn`t know what was happening around. From the Council 50-60 Georgian solders ran out. Some of them ran to me and caught me. They pulled me, beating and jerring at me. They didn`t allow me even to go to the toilet. They called me “Russian dog”. In the morning we were taken to the village of Ksuisi, our eyes tied. I lifted the bandage from my eyes and saw many Georgian tanks approaching the village, maybe there were local Georgians among them, they were in masks.

We were seven of us, and stayed in Ksuisi till 2 o`clock at night. We like dogs laid in the ground, being beaten. They were putting their guns on our foreheads scaring that they would kill us. Among them I saw familiar Georgians from roundabout villages. I was asking them to let us go, but they said their chief was in the mountain Snekvi and was to decide what to do. I was so sevearly beaten that my back and my kidney were badly injured. I asked to kill me. I wasn`t able to go. They said as if I was pretending, I was falling every now and then. At last we came to Meretvi, and they threw us to the ground. I was captured twice since the first war. In 1992 Georgians attacked us and took me as a prisoner. I tried to resist, but they threw me into the river being naked. I spent the whole night in water hearing them speak. One of them kept an eye on me and eventually be decided I was dead and told others about it. Staying without him I swam and came out near the bakery in the village of Ksuisi. Then I crawled to the village of Satikar.i was swelled after spending night in the icy water. Nobody was to help me. The road to Tskhinval was closed. My temperature was so high that I was delirious. Then somebody filled a barrel with hot water and put me there several times. By and by I recovered in three months.