Bolataeva Nadegda Shalvovna, Born in 1950, village of Artsev.

Геноцид, Свидетельства очевидцев - 2010/07/30 - 10:57

At night August, 5 there was a fire. We already knew that they were near the village. Everybody prepared the documents, savings, etc. in any case. On the 7th of August everyone who could left the village. I couldn`t leave because of my 80- year-old mother.

In the morning I released the cattle to gaze. I turned round: there were nobody around, it was unusally quiet. Gradually I approached the cemetry and I heard somebody shouting in Georgian “Let`s go in! let`s go in!”. I was frightened seeing soldiers running out of the forest. I ran away. But I heard the guns clatterning. There of them came up to me and ordered to take them to the militia. I said I didn`t know any militia. They didn`t believe and took me to their chief.
After some injury they released me. I had 80.000 in my pocket which I threw away. But evidently the Georgians found it, as I couldn`t find it any more. Since that I`ve got problems with my health.
They did a lot of harm to our village. The houses were destroyed and robbed. During the first war in 1992, when Georgian troops entered our village, we had a small farm of pigs. My father was 62. the soldiers came to us every day and took a pig. At last, when a single pig was left my father asked them to leave it. One of them hit him by the gun. He died at that night. Nobody was near to help my mother to bury my dead father. She sent for me to Tskhinval. But it was impossible to go to the village without military forces. They took me to the village and helped to dig a grave and bury my father.