Kumaritov Boris Revazovich, was born in 1935, v. Sarabuk:

Геноцид, Свидетельства очевидцев - 2010/07/30 - 10:48

When Georgian troops burst into the village, they began shooting. In result of this shooting 4 people were died. Some of them by bullets, some by self-splinter. One of them was bleed to death. Burned 5 houses, many houses destroyed: utterly – 7, others partialy. In several days we will made the finest list of all destructions. When they burst here, they made entrenches, trenches and others.

Georgians were nearly 500 soldiers. Georgian soldiers spent here about 3 days. One old woman was killed, from this village- Tsahilova Olga Mihailovna. She died by shell- splinter. By shell-splinter also died Guchmazov Andrey. Another 2 were died by bullets. Two women were also taken, they were freed on half-way. Now peoples are returning in their destroyed houses. All houses are plunder.